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An Agent’s Gift


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Valentines day and what a gift!

I just signed my agent’s agreement with Dana Newman of Newman Literary Agency.   My… how life can have its twist’s and turns.

A year ago I was boarding a flight to India, where I would spend one month traveling, and visiting varying sites of pilgrimage of peace.  I toured the    Orphanage and home of Mother Theresa, walked the schools and property of Gandhi, immersed my soul in the meditative peace of Bodhgaya where Buddha reached enlightenment, joined wholeheartedly the crowds cleansing their souls at the Sikh’s Golden Temple, visited many Ancient Hindu ashrams, and found a serenity in the crowd of thousands at Dharmasala to enjoying the annual speech of the Dalai Lama.  Not to mention strolling the stunning beauty of the Taj Mahal, refreshing myself in the waters of the River Ganges, and walking rural villages dotted with the vivid colors of the saris worn by the beautiful Indian women.  All of these places of pilgrimage, from so many different, beliefs, spiritualties, and religions come together and blend in a colorful swirl of chaos and love.

OK… so normally you wouldn’t consider this (an agent’s agreement) to have anything to do with Valentines Day, but my book A Taste of Eternity is all about love. The love that God and Spirit are full of, the love that we are to share with each other, and the love that fills every cell of all things here on Earth and in Heaven.  This was my experience in Heaven, this is what I was told, and this is    the most important thing we can ever do – to give, share, and express love.

So… needless to say, when I was sent my agreement on February 14th, I found it to be a perfect day for such an exciting event!

The truth was, and is, that I have a long way to go.  My Editor (and love) Robert Yehling of Word Journeys had just sent Dana my query letter along with my proposal in December.   We were busy moving the first week in January, and thought this would be a perfect down time to fine-tune my chapters, and wait to hear from her, before we figured out our plan B.

Well, thank goodness Bob and I have that go for it and get ‘er done attitude, that edge for urgency, because when Dana notified us, we needed to jump fast.  She was in New York and received interest for A Taste of Eternity from Berkley Books and Harlequin Non-Fiction, both of which are major publishers.  Yippy, excitement filled us both!

This past weekend, we got busy at San Diego’s Southern California Writer’s Conference.  I was busy taking a few writing workshops, partaking in constructive critique sessions, trying to grasp as much as I could from the keynote speeches, and sitting on the edge of my seat during the panel of agents that were kind enough to offer suggestions about query letters and the like.  The agents gave those vital directions; we all need to grab the bull by the horns (so to speak), to be able to draw the interest of agents – let alone receive agency agreements.  I realized just how amazingly lucky I was, and just what a fantastic gift had been delivered to me via Dana’s interest.

My life has been transformed and defined the past 13 years that are covered in A Taste of Eternity. Hopefully, my next chapter will be to help other people transform their lives by sharing with them the beauty I know is there for us all when we leave this earth and this body, and join the blessings of our afterlife.