Merry Christmas, a year in review


So… I’m not the best at Blogging, having only written three blogs so far this year.year-in-review

I guess you’d need to revise that to pathetic at Blogging. However it’s amazing what can happen in a year. Time and life are so precious. I was reminded of this recently as my good friend Lilly was saying goodbye to the love of her life, after only having four or so precious years with him. Tony was by far too young to go, a victim of cancer, but yes Heaven has welcomed him, and because of this, I had another “Life” wake up call.

I needed to review this past year. I quit my job this December 18th….. Who does that? I mean who quits their job in December? Perhaps this is why my brother David calls me his crazy little sister. I bet there are a few more reasons than that!


I had one heck of a year; I switched from the escrow/quality assurance department to the sales department of the timeshare company where I’ve worked for the last 5 years. What was I thinking! While one department “I get” , I was never cut out for the other one. I sat waiting for my tour (my chance to sell and make commission for the day), which never happened. I should have had a tour; I had the sales numbers but no tour? The wheel of agents had been set askew. After my two days off, again nothing. I was never made to be a person who waits and does nothing. I prefer to be active, so “adieu to you”, and in a flash, I was gone.flash


This morning as I awoke, the feeling of “OH SH-T what did I do?” began to crawl up my spine. I got a text from a girlfriend from high school, Mindy Ramsey, who wanted 7 of my books. They wouldn’t arrive in the mail in time for Christmas; we decided I would deliver them to her mother’s house in Carlsbad (my home town). I figured I’d drive up, drop them off, and be on my way. Thoughts that I’m leaving for San Francisco with my love in the morning and packing needs to happen rang through my head.


When the door opened, I was surprised to see a charming little older lady. This lovely woman was 93, to be exact. I don’t know what I was thinking … but I was expecting a woman about 60… I still had my blonde head from high school, in that blonde moment I was thinking of our mom’s as they were at that time. Dah… Martha, you don’t even have your mother with us any longer. Funny how we can freeze someone to be perpetually at a certain age, or era.

I went in for a cup of coffee, and about an hour or two later, after many stories of Angels and happy lives, I left feeling completely blessed



I decided to review 2016. This year, almost to a year from the German version of my book being released, my book debuted here in the USA in English.

Yippy … I can finally read my own book. Happy that I didn’t have to “self publish” at a heavy cost. No I had actually been given (another God gift) the US publishing house of Open Books Press.

Last year in October 2015 my book debuted in German at the Worlds largest book fair, the Frankfurt Messe. I was feeling blessed and happy to join my publishing house ‘Sorriso” as one of their first titles. My book had finally made it to print; yet in German only. I knew I couldn’t read this ancestral language of the Brookhart’s, yet how happy I was my promise to God was now finally completed. I promised to tell and I had, in German at least.


Last month , November “The Fragrance of Angels” was selected as one of the finalist’s for Acorn Publishing Authors Circle Awards. What a privilege. Fingers crossed when they announce the winner in May 2017.acorn-award-nominee-for-the-fragrance-of-angels

The past six months I was off work for a medical leave, searching for what ailed me. I was informed I have degenerative rheumatoid arthritis in my feet, hands, and worse in my hips… all a residual result of my car accident detailed in “The Fragrance of Angels.” The cure? None. The only one to be offered was a referral to a pain specialist. Well that’s not going to be me. I am happy, No Ecstatic, to say that one of the cures is to Keep Moving. Moving, walking or whatever gets me outside is a treat to me, and moving keeps the stiffness away. The movement, and so many great natural supplements that are waiting to be found by me. This was reminded to me as I spoke with my new cute 93-year-old friend. She broke her leg last year and moves slower now, but she told me about being encouraged at 91 to do a 5K. Can you imagine?


Reviewing more on July 10th, 2016, my book was part of Carlsbad Magazine, which offered a list of the Top 5 Summer reads of Carlsbad locals. I feel so honored to be a part of it! There are so many reasons, not to mention Wendy giving me one of the best compliments I could have asked for, which is, “Halda just tells her story and what she learned, without being preachy.” That was exactly my intent, so it’s wonderful to know that I achieved this.

God gave me so many Blessing’s this year, starting with a total flood to our first floor. Just days before this flood I had gotten a bid on painting. Since buying our home I wanted to break the wall out between the family and living rooms, but could NOT figure a way to make the hardwood floors match. Now… a flood and the whole flooring must be taken out, and the walls must now be painted. Thank you God…

A gift, truly a gift, found in what could have been viewed as a horrible thing. I’m smiling again as I think how; if we look for ,and most importantly listen, to Gods “taps “ on our shoulders and not wait for his sledgehammer to Hear Him, we will be amazed at all the splendid care He takes over our lives.


We’re all looking for something we can rely on, and love is the source most people need. We are all searching for that unconditional love. Like talks with 93 year old women that we’ve never met before.

I believe the Love that engulfed me was far too great to be judging, that the God I saw, the Divine Energy I met, the pulsating sphere of Total Knowledge, would want us to reflect each year and hopefully we can all see the wonderful gifts he gave us this year.


Merry Christmas, We’ve got a lot to learn but God knows we are worth it.



About 6footmartha

I'm writing my memoir about my personal near death experience, following a near fatal car accident. I want to share with others the beauty I enjoyed while on the other side, and lessons I experienced and continue to learn from each day.

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