Blessings of a book dream come true


Christmas often makes people stop to acknowledge all their blessings. The end of this year 2015, I am doing just that exactly.

October 15th, 2015, I entered the Frankfurt Messe book festival amazed by its size! With nearly 150,000 guests, and close to 40,000 venders working the trades show it was over whelming.FM building


Once entering the correct (one of four) three-story buildings, I wondered how on earth the sorriso-verlag booth would be found. As we, Robert Yehling (aka Bob editor extraordinaire), and I went down the escalator he verbalized just this worry. My heart and mind halted because, with all his trade show experience, this was the last thing I expected to come from his lips. Worried… I started scanning the mass of booths on the floor below; the escalator seemed to move in a slow time warp, my eyes scanned everything. How will we find it in this seemingly endless crowd?

However, I quickly learned that my publisher Karen Christine Angermayer is a master at marketing and doesn’t miss a thing. Her attention to detail is amazing; she had her logo set high smiling out at the crowds from the very top of her booth. That bright yellow smile of sorriso was like a beacon laying a guiding light for me.FM Sorriso logoFM Christine and I

As we walked closer to the booth, suddenly I saw my own face smiling back at me. The booth was white, its floor a bright yellow, and a photo of each of the five writers she was debuting was displayed in a large 3’ by 5’ headshot (a models dream) on the wall of the booth. Many writers dream of having their books make it to the European market, some wish that they would be given such presence from the publisher, my dream had now come true.FM authors debutedFM sorriso book cover Tshirt

While in heaven I promised God, my heavenly father, the Divine Energy (too many names to chose only one), that I would share the loving grace that awaits us in Heaven.  Once back on earth, after two months in a coma, the first thing I promised my earthly father, Ray F. Brookhart, was that I would write this book, and share the knowledge of the love that awaits us with all people interested in knowing more.


Our trip to Europe was full of wonder… the countryside God Germany and Austria are full of (God given) natural beauty, the likes of which a California girl doesn’t get to see often.  We played in the sound of music filled city of Salzberg, enjoyed Mozart street music and so much more.FM Salzberg Bob & MeWe hiked the wonderful hillside of the Austrian Alps in St. Johanna all the while basking in the beauty of this life we have been give.FM Salzberg riverFM St Johann cows  and  Mt

Again last week, another Christmas gift, I was blessed with a visit by my publisher Karen Christine Angermayer, and her charming love Pino, they were here from Germany for business.

Fm Christine and Pino in LaJolla

We met in the coastal town of La Jolla California.  While admiring the Pacific Ocean waves, and the many seal’s lounging on the beach.

We talked about sorriso-verlag extending the publishing of Der Duft des Engels to a more International European distribution.

FM seals in La JollaFM LaJolla Beach

I could not be more blessed, so this year 2015 and I am certainly whole-heartedly counting my blessings.  I ‘am grateful for Gods blessings in my life yet again.



I warmly look forward to a new and exciting 2016, and wish everyone a blessed new year. Cheer’s

FM beer in MunichFM St Johann cross



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  1. A beautiful memory, every day starts with some expectation but every day ends with some experience .I enjoy reading and sharing your blessings Martha, thanks

    • D V Jones, the experiences and blessings keep coming (even if they seem to come in different ways or time frames than I expect).
      I just signed a contract for A Taste of Eternity to be published in English by Open Books Press. Yippy

  2. I recently lost my husband November 7th 2015. He was 48 & parished of a heart attack. My GOD loving better half of 28 years it is hard each day but I know he’s with GOD. I keep thinking that I’ll be with him soon so I’m preparing to complete tasks to be ready for him. Is this selfish to my family and friends?

    • Valencia, first I send you a loving hug. I can’t imagine loosing such a love, however you must know that he is still with you watching over your heart and family. Selfish? No love I don’t see it as such. I do know that the only time things get messed up and more difficult is when I try to be the one in control. Give it over to God and he will guide you to the place in life that you are to be. I learned the most important thing is to give, share, and express love.

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