The Process and Why


images I thought I’d share why … I’m writing this Blog, and why I’m writing my book “A Taste of Eternity.”

Well… I was having my life review with God, the most Powerful Energy I have ever had the privilege to encounter. This happened during and after I was placed   in a meadow at the edge of a cliff that dropped thousands of feet.  I promised I would do just that – tell. I told him if I could return, I would share just how loving  and wonderful Heaven is.  I say “promised,” but rather, it was a bargaining that took place.  I had been told several times that this was not my time to stay in Heaven, but I loved it so much… I wanted to stay just there for,  well, Eternity!  However, I was shown visions of the future of my boys if I came back, and then shown visions of their lives if I stayed. I knew instantly I must return!

I have put off this promise for the past 13 years, during which I have had heights and valleys in my life.  With Time showing itself and the Promise not fulfilled,  I figured it was high time, or should I say, the right time, as in NOW.  A wonderful opportunity presented itself – first more as a catastrophe (lost my job and had to give up my home of 15 years), but then I chose to view it differently, as a positive. I now saw this as a true opportunity.  An opportunity to go back to college and take those needed writing classes, where I found my narrative voice for this book.  Now I could draft this book to fulfill that promise.  Wow… I do admire those people that are born writers, it is a true talent.

I figure that I am certainly not alone. God will be guiding me and my pen with his loving wisdom all the way.  It’s fun, fun to dig deep to find the words to describe the visions and memories that are so completely ingrained in my mind.  I can relate this to a foodie trying to describe how delicious their recipe tastes, or how an Artist with natural understanding of colors tries to explain how or why they see what they see.  I will need to share how differently the crashing waves sound to me now.  How differently I see the finer points and vibrations of the Natural Beauty of this planet.  How differently I hurt when wronged, neglected, or the worst, how differently I feel when I am the one to actually hurt someone, as I wrote in my book.

I didn’t just view the past situations, as we’ve all heard about in typical near-death accounts, but revisited my feelings about each situation. Then I had to experience how my action made the other person feel – good or bad. I felt love for every nice action, and pain in every cell of my body for those times I wasn’t so friendly. This review probably happened at the speed of light, but it felt tediously slow … and went on forever … and pained me greatly at times.




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